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Choosing the right venue for an event or conference is very important to not only you but for the guests. If you want to show how much your guests mean to you, you will choose a great venue. And if you want your guests to not only enjoy but engage with your event then you will have to make them feel special. This is extra important if you are hosting a business network event or trade show.

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When you chose a venue if reflects you, who you are and what you stand for. It also shows what you think of your guests, a cheap and run down place may be easy on your wallet but I will show that you don't truly value you guests. This will upset them and they may come way from your event not only thinking less of you but they properly won't have engaged in your message or the message of anyone else there.

However a expensive place of luxury isn't need. Many will that they need to buy out the biggest and best place in town but that's not always true. Buying the largest space and then not filling it also looks terrible on you, as some will see it as your events being unpopular. You have to find the space which will fit your needs, the right size to hold everyone. Clearly going to small is also bad no matter how nice it may look, as people wont like to be squashed into tight spaces. The right size which isn't run down will get you event the best feel to it.

If you plan on running the event again, then you need to make people feel that it's worth their time. A nice venue is the best foundation but unless their is content then no one will come again. If you run a meeting in the morning then you could offer a breakfast for the guests. A trade show at lunch time? have snacks or a meal for everyone. A evening show, a full dinner may not be needed but defiantly have finger food and a salad bar, and plenty of it. Of course drinks can be served and depending on what the outcome of your event is will change the drinks on offer. Remember to avoid strong alcoholic drinks as you don't want people to get caught drunk driving or causing a ruckus.

Over all event planning and management is a skill and you may want to consider hiring professionals. But if you want the frill of doing it yourself then remember these tips to help you plan the best events.